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Made In France

All of our products are manufactured in Alsace, in partnership with the ADAPEI of Bas-Rhin.

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BeMirror cleaning kit


Our maintenance accessories enable to keep your mirror television clean every time. Our cleaning kit, certified BeMirror, includes a microfibre and a cleaner.

Fixing Kit


Replacement Kit for modular attachments BeMirror TV , in small or large size.

Cadres BeMirror


Our various frame used for reenchant and customize your TV to your image. Our frame allow you to customize your mirrors 32" , 40" , 46" and 48".

If you want to have a global vision of a BeMirror part , do not hesitate to configure it.

Kit d'assemblage


We give you the complete BeMirror tools kit to assemble your BeMirror frames. This complete kit includes 4 mounting brackets, 8 springs and a screwdriver.